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Rescue Helicopter Training with Derrynane Inshore Rescue
By: Mikey Martin
Jun 9, 2015

Des O Shea and Noel Donnelly listening to the briefing on equipment used in this helicopter

Derrynane Inshore Rescue was involved in a spectacular training exercise with Irish Coast Guard rescue helicopter Rescue 115 on June 3rd at 6.30 at Derrynane GAA football field. This training exercise was a part of an ongoing effort from the Coast Guard Rescue Helicopters to establish a relationship with rescue crews and to allow rescue crews to familiarise themselves with this helicopter.

DIR has worked alongside Rescue 115 on several occasions. The most recent incident was in Summer 2014 when an elderly man with a dislocated hip and chest pains was airlifted from Derrynane Abbey Island Beach.

The exercise on Wednesday was a land based exercise in which the crew familiarised themselves with the helicopter, how to embark and disembark the craft, how to use the high line technique and how to prepare a landing site. Several crew members were winched up to the helicopter. This is a crucial part of training for any crew member.


Mike Turner and Mike Donnelly using the Hi-Line Technique with winch man Phil

This was not the first training exercise with R115, last year at our annual fundraiser a water based training took place in which Crew man Mikey Martin was winched from the water in Derrynane Harbour by the Rescue Helicopter winch man. See Video below of last years exercise with R115.

The Irish Coast Guard operates 4 rescue Helicopters in Ireland. They are based at Shannon, Waterford, Dublin and Sligo. They are an integral part of the Search and Rescue system in Ireland.

Derrynane Inshore Rescue would like to express its thanks to the crew of Rescue 115 based in Shannon for the tremendous training exercise. The crew learned an incredible about and feel more comfortable operating with this Helicopter.

DIR train twice weekly and patrol the Kenmare Bay during the summer. With the weather getting better and better we want people to be vigilant around the water, although the weather may be pleasant, Sea conditions may not reflect this.

In the event of an emergency call 999/112 and ask for the Coast Guard. This is the fastest way to deploy our unit


Crew Vinny Hyland being winched. Hold on Vinny!!

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