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Safety Notice – June Bank Holiday
By: Mikey Martin
May 23, 2015

Derrynane Inshore Rescue would like to warn the public not to purchase ‘floating killers’ that will go on sale over the next few weeks.

At this time of the year, retailers bring in aquatic sport and leisure equipment to sell at affordable prices. Very often these inflatable canoes and boats are merely toys and will carry a CE mark which indicates that; however they are NOT suitable for our waters as they do meet the requirements of the Recreational Craft Directive which clearly lays down the requirements for leisure craft in Europe.

These ‘floating killers’ have caused deaths and many call outs to the Coast Guard who co-ordinate rescues by the Royal National Lifeboat Institute, Community Rescue Boats and the Coast Guard Rescue Boats.

Rescued by the Irish Coast Guard in 2014. Stupidity!

Rescued by the Irish Coast Guard in 2014. Stupidity!

Tourists who are used to calmer continental weather are at greatest risk.

Do NOT purchase these toys and NEVER use them on exposed waters.

And remember to ALWAYS wear a lifejacket when out on the water, be that the open sea, river or lake, and ensure that the lifejacket has a crotch strap to avoid the possibility of the child slipping out through it.

With June Bank Holiday approaching the water ways around Ireland will receive an influx of people if the weather permits. We strongly urge people to be careful around the water this June Bank Holiday. Water temperatures are still very low and sea conditions around Derrynane are not favourable for swimmers.

If you decide to come to Derrynane over the June Bank Holiday and intend to use the water, we suggest you go to the sheltered harbour of Derrynane. This is the safest location in Derrynane for water users.

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Please do not swim on Derrynane Long Beach. This is not a swimming area! We have rescued countless people from this area in the past, some have not been so fortunate.  Please see our previous notice on this area : Rip Currents 

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