Derrynane Inshore Rescue


2/08/15 – Boat Broke Mooring
By: Mikey Martin
Aug 28, 2015

Derrynane Inshore Rescue responded to a callout in which a large vessel located in Derrynane Harbour broke its mooring and collided with another vessel during the night.

DIR Coxswain John O’ Shea was alerted by a local fisherman. John contacted fellow crew man Mikey Martin. They went out on a boat to access the situation. Once there they realised the Inshore Rescue was needed. After contacting Valentia MRCC, the beepers were set off at 9.10.

The Vessel was driven back to a safe mooring and the owner was contacted.


Just a bit of advice from Derrynane Inshore Rescue it’s very important to have your moorings inspect annually, shackles and swivels rust and wear faster in salt water. This boat could have caused a lot of damage to other vessels. It is your responsibility to have you mooring inspected annually. It is not expensive and could save your boat. Contact us on Facebook or by email if you would like a diver to check your mooring.

Derrynane Inshore Rescue is a voluntary organisation. We depend on the donations from the general public. Please donate on this website to insure this vital service is available to the next person who may need our assistance. Donate Here.