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19/04/15 – Bodyboarder in difficulty
By: Mikey Martin
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Apr 20, 2015

Derrynane inshore rescue responded to an emergency 999/112 call at 17.10 on Sunday the 19th of April . A member of the public saw a young teenager on a bodyboard floating out to sea due to the strong offshore wind in Templenoe, near Kenmare.

Valentia MRCC tasked Derrynane Inshore Rescue. The crew launched and due to the excellent conditions on the Kenmare Bay were making 40 knots speed down the Kenmare Bay.

3 minutes  before the crew arrived on scene a local rib picked up the nearly hypothermic teenage. The casualty was brought to Templenoe Pier were the crew treated the casualty for shock and hyperthermia.

This incident could have been easily been a tragedy if it wasn’t for a vigilant member of the public. The teenager aged 15 had gone swimming with his bodyboard off a rock where the wind was off shore. He had a short wetsuit on. A member of the public noticed the boy float away from land and eventfully noticed him scream for help.

The teenager shouldn’t have gone swimming alone and gone on a body board where there are strong off shore winds. The board will act like a sail and blow you out to sea. He did the right thing by staying with the board. Whether it be a capsized boat, surfboard, bodyboard or any flotation device do not ditch it. Stay with the flotation device, it will increase you chances of survival significantly and make it easier to be spotted.


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Bodyboarding/Swimming Safety Advice

▪Tell someone when and where you are going out and importantly, when you are back.

▪Always wear a leash.

▪Wear an appropriate wetsuit. As well as keeping you warm, they give some added protection from scrapes on rocks or impacts from other surfboards.

▪Do NOT go alone.

▪As a Parent you should have strict supervision of your children while there are in or around the water.

-Have knowledge of the weather. Be hesitant of off shore winds, rip currents and tidal direction.

-Never leave your surfboard or bodyboard. Stay with this flotation device, it will increase you chances of survival significantly and make it easier to be spotted.

▪If you see someone in difficulty do not hesitate to call 999! Do not assume someone else will.

– Never go in the water where the conditions are above your capability.


Photo Credit: Kerrys’ Eye


Crew who responded. 

John O Shea

Mikey Martin

Jerry Clifford

Noel Donnelly

This is the second life-treatening incident involving swimmers in difficulty DIR has responded to in the last 10 days. It is only April and people are beginning to venture into the Sea. Please follow basic safety precautions while enjoying the sea and ensure that the area you are entering is safe.


In the event of an emergency call 999/112 and ask for the Coast Guard. This is the fastest way to deploy our unit


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