Derrynane Inshore Rescue


10/07/15 – Someone heard a shout for help
By: Mikey Martin
Aug 28, 2015

Derrynane Inshore Rescue responded to an emergency 999 phone call at 8.43a.m on Friday the 10th of July along with Ballinskelligs CRBI, Knightstown Coast Guard and Waterville Coast Guard.

A Good Samaritan was walking along the beach in Ballinskelligs when they thought they heard someone shouting for Help. They immediate called 999 and asked for the Coast guard. They had no visual sighting of anyone and they were not sure if they actually heard someone. They did the right thing to call the emergency services.

Derrynane Inshore Rescue and Ballinskelligs CRBI conducting search patterns.

Derrynane Inshore Rescue and Ballinskelligs CRBI conducting search patterns.

Derrynane Inshore was mobile at 9.01 and arrived on scene at 9.15. We immediately started a sector search with Ballinskelligs CRBI along the coast, while shore teams of Waterville Coast Guard worked on land.


Jonathon Walsh of Waterville Coast Guard conducting a search along the coast.

After a short time Irish Coast Guard Rescue Helicopter R115 arrived on scene and commenced a search from the air.

After a thorough multi-agency search were no one was found and no reports of missing people the search was called off at 10.45. There was also a large camp site located just behind the area the person heard a shout for help. She could have been mistaken.

Rescue 115 conducting a search from the sky.

Rescue 115 conducting a search from the sky.

This call out is classified as “False Alarm with Good Intent”. On behave of all search and rescue units we have no problem with these callouts. We prefer attending a callout in which someone thought they heard/saw someone in difficulty, than attending one in which we are looking for a missing person due to no alarm being raised.

Please do not hesitate to call 112/999 if you believe you see someone in difficultly. It is always better to be safe than sorry!

Derrynane Inshore Rescue is a voluntary organisation. We depend on the donations from the general public. Please donate on this website to insure this vital service is available to the next person who may need our assistance. Donate Here.